Troubled Waters

CTV's W5 investigates the politics of water.

Is Canada's water being exploited?

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Aggregate vs. Agriculture

Published on Jan 11, 2016

There are times when the interests and uses of land and resources collide, but when it comes to preserving and restoring farmland, the interests of agriculture must trump the extraction of aggregates.

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By Ontario Farms, OFA

Video - Soils Support Health


Grab some popcorn and spend a few minutes watching the latest short video from the Soil Science Society of America.

It tells the story of how soil keeps us healthy beyond the food it grows.

Video: Soils Support Health.

The Food & Water First News Team

Celebration of Rural Living - Margaret Atwood

YouTube videos of speakers at Save Midhurst event on June 22, 2014.

Speakers were Margaret Atwood, Sandy Buxton, Shirley Boxem and David Donnelly.


Margaret Atwood

View videos at:

Posted June 27, 2014 on Save Midhurst Village

Shirley Boxem, Food and Water First - Celebration of Rural Living

Do you know about the crisis that is happening with our foodland? Did you know that in Ontario we are losing 350 acres per day of prime farmland? Shirley Boxem from Food and Water First outlines some key details that many of us take for granted.


Shirley Boxem

 Take a look at the YouTube Video of Shirley speaking at the Save Midhurst Village event with key speaker Margaret Atwood.

Published June 27, 2014