Top Farming YouTube Videos for 2013


Only 5% of Ontario’s land base is suitable for agriculture. And since we have no way to make more soil, we need to hold on to all the productive land and soil we have.

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2013 brought more Farm Parody Music videos and we loved to watch them - they dominate the list of the top farm YouTube videos of 2013. Also on the list was the popular Ram Trucks Super Bowl commercial "Farmer".

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1. God Made A Farmer (Paul Harvey FFA Speech in the Ram Trucks Super Bowl Commercial)
Estimated 30,000,000 views (inspired hundreds of videos)

2. Working Farmer Style (gangana Style) from the popular Peterson Farm Brothers
over 14,600,000 views

3. I'm Farming and I Grow It -
8,855,473 views and counting

4. What Does The Farmer Say? Farmer Derek Klingenberg

5. "Farm It Maybe" - Lil Fred, "Call Me Maybe" Parody - Carly Rae Jepsen


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The Story of the Megaquarry - Carl Cosack

Carl Cosack presenting the Story of the Megaquarry in Guelph on December 2.
















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Posted on the Green Party of Ontario website, Dec. 3, 2013

NDACT Chair on Zoomer Radio-Talks About ARA

Goldhawk Fights Back


Chair of the Northern Dufferin Agricultural Taskforce (NDACT), Carl Cosack, talks about suggested changes to the Aggregate Resources Act (ARA). (November 18, 2013)



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Tractor Across Canada Reaches Mile Zero

Do you remember Professor Varty and Molly Daley who went cross country in support of Canadian farmers?

tractor-convoy-146-webTop photo: John Varty speaking in Melancthon.
tractor-convoy-148-webBottom photo: Dale Goldhawk on "stage" and John & Molly in foreground.







 (They made a stop in Melancthon on August 28, 2011.)

They reached Mile Zero, Victoria and are working on their documenatry.

Watch the YouTube video:

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Bill Lishman Speaks at Green Neighbours Meeting


Monday night's Green Neighbours 21, (May 6, 2013) meeting in Toronto was amazing. Simply amazing. It was organized by Green Neighbours 21, a citizens' group dedicated to environmental issues in Ward 21. The guest speaker was Bill Lishman, famous for helping geese migrate to the south while leading them in his ultralight plane. He's been fighting for 40 years over the Pickering Lands -- 18,600 acres of Class 1 farmland that was expropriated for an airport that was never built. I met him at a home just before the meeting and he was delighted to hear about Food & Water First. I gave him a sign for his Port Perry home and he posed for a photo! It's attached. At the meeting, he threw his support behind Food & Water First as a movement for all like-minded groups to follow. He even suggested he'd like to bring his ultralight plane to Celebrate Food & Water First on August 18th! (More details about our upcoming event will follow. Mark the date.)


Bill presented his video on the Pickering Lands last night. Please take a few minutes to watch it. There are striking similarities to the mega quarry battle and our current campaign.


Donna T.