Mega Quarry Doc

A YouTube Video posted on "Eye of Sheidan YouTube", Apr. 10, 2013

A summary of Mega Quarry proposal.

By Chanelle Lily and Bent

Local Food First

Do you know where your food comes from?

It gets one thinking.

Presented by Hellman's, 2010

Food & Water First - Video Interview with Carl Cosack

On December 10, 2012 Ecologos had a celebration - Carl Cosack of NDACT was invited and honored because of his leadership in stopping the proposed Melancthon Quarry Project in Southern Ontario that would have turned potato fields into wound of our Earth deeper than Niagara Falls - and would have polluted 5 major rivers feeding the cities in Southern Ontario such as Toronto - Hamilton etc.

Watch the YouTube video:

Filmed by Council of Canadians, Simcoe Region Chapter

FarmVoices Video - It's Your Turn


Farmers feed this entire PLANET, and its time the WORLD paid attention! Join with other #farmvoices at to show the world the hands that feed them.

Below is a terrific video which is making the rounds and speaks to our cause. It's produced by an Alberta organization called FarmOn. This short FarmVoices film is inspirational and launches a new young farmers' movement. Enjoy and share!

Donna T.

"Its Food and Water First" - song by Harpin Norn

Our Campaign is Taking Off!

Another song by Harpin Norm

Published on Feb 19, 2013

This is a song about the importance of protecting our source for food and water. Sometimes we just can't have everything. If we don't have food and water......we have nothing.