Video of Maude Barlow at Georgian College Barrie Mar 7 2012 Re: Melancthon Quarry

Maude Barlow spoke at Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario, Canada on March 7th, 2012 about water worldwide and about the Melancthon Quarry in Southern Ontario in particular.

View the YouTube Video, Part 1 of 2, by The Simcoe Region Chapter of the Council of Canadians

A Township Fights Back

A short documentary made by some of the broadcast students at Conestoga College,

to raise awareness and inform the public of the environmental injustice that is the the largest quarry in North America funded by American investors. It's just a terrible idea and one that will effect Canadians in more ways than you can imagine.

Well worth viewing!

CBC documentary - Ontario's Land of Plenty - YouTube version

CBC aired a documentary on Monday, October 10, 2011, on the proposed Melancthon mega-quarry. It was presented by Adrienne Arsenault as part of the "The National" newscast. This is the YouTube version.

Tribute to Farmers

A Tribute to Farmers, let us be thankful and help preserve our farmland! This is a worthwhile YouTube video to see.

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Do You Care About the Safety and Integrity of Ontario's Drinking Water?

A must for everyone to see!

Do you care about the safety and integrity of Ontario's drinking water? We do and so should you. Check out this piece to get the facts on the Highland Companies' application for a mega quarry in the Hills of the Headwaters. The proposed quarry would be bigger than most cities and 1.5 times the depth of Niagara falls. The location is 1 hour outside Canada's largest city, at the source of Ontario's pristine watersheds. Please share this link widely and get people informed about this epic environmental disaster in the making. Spread the word and take action.