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Two great YouTube videos by the Peterson Farm Brothers

1.jpgReinforces our message Food and Water First

"I'm Farming and I Grow It"


"Farmer Style"


Well worth watching!

Melancthon Quarry: A bittersweet victory

After a six-year battle, the Township of Melancthon won a bittersweet victory over a proposed mega-quarry. Now residents are looking to bridge community divisions and get on with their lives.

Posted Friday, November 23, 2012 on "The Star" website

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"We Don't Need No Mega-Quarry" Music Video

A YouTube Music Video by Harpin' Norm and the Mega Toys

This song is for all of us concerned about the life and health of our children's future, the environment of Southern Ontario, Canada, the Earth.

Walking the perimeter of the largest proposed quarry site in Canadian history

Published on Jul 27, 2012 by

A Boston hedge fund (ninth-largest globally) has applied to turn 2300 acres of prime Canadian farmland into an open pit mine diverting 600 million litres of fresh water per day, in perpetuity. The mega-quarry application is creating unprecedented public opposition.



It took me 5-1/2 hours to walk around the perimeter of the largest proposed megaquarry in Canadian history. The open pit would be 25 kilometers in circumference. The size is staggering, and that's not the worst of it. The land in question is the best food-growing soil in Canada, and the aquifer under this land feeds 5 river systems.

"King of the Hole" by Hobowally

Hobowally and the Worn Soul

present their new video

" King of The Hole "

with it's satirical perspective on the Highland Company's devastating  mega quarry project  in  Ontario's Melancthon  County. Recorded and filmed  in the surrounding farmlands of the  proposed quarry site and Toronto Hobowally as a company executive boldly confesses  the companies true intentions set to the music of a timeless hobo classic song .
Save Our Farmland ,Protect Our Water, Preserve our Future, Stop The Mega Quarry !


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Well worth viewing!