NDACT July 2013 Newsletter


You all have heard the news by now. I immediately think back to that fateful January of 2009, when the community got together in Honeywood and asked a bunch of their neighbours to get some factual answers about the Highland Companies intentions. 

What started in 2006 with Highland’s purchase of the Wilson and Downey Farms, and their subsequent actions that alerted the Blacks, Rutledges and Armstrong families that there was more going on than their representatives Michael Daniher and John Lowndes would let on, all the way to today. Highlands, whose actions brought so much despair, worry, fright and sleepless nights for many of you, no longer own the lands , and their way of doing business is no longer a concern to the citizens of Dufferin, nor Ontario.

We all have learned much, in the end, the truth prevailed. Thanks to all of you to stand up, and be counted. You truly “Stood on guard”!!

There is not a politician, or aggregate/agricultural person who has not taken note of the feisty people of North Dufferin, taken note of all the people in Ontario and afar, who said “NO” to the insane proposal put forth by Baupost and supported by Highland Companies, taken note of all the people who asked for the Environmental Assessment and the review of the outdated Aggregate Resources Act (ARA).

Bonnefield Financials purchase has fundamentally changed little. As the new owner of these bountiful lands, their mission statement makes it clear that they are here to support farming. I had a very friendly conversation with Tom Eisenhauer and look forward to being able to introduce him and Wally Johnson, Bonnefield’s agricultural business pro, to this wonderful community in the very near future. These are people with integrity and we welcome them for sure.

However, this is not the time to quit pushing for fundamental changes to the ARA, the legislation is being written as we speak and will be introduced to Queen’s Park in this upcoming fall session.

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