July 2014 Newsletter

Message from the Chair

Vigilance is ever so important, knowledge and education right up there with it. Case in point, the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority (NVCA) released its peer review of the Highland Companies Mega Quarry application. Link at: http://www.ndact.com/index.php/media-stories/media-stories-blogs/946-peer-review-of-highland-companies-mega-quarry-documentation-is-released

It is not surprising at all.

A special “Thank you” goes to Mono Councillor Fred Nix who worked diligently in support of those of us who wanted the report released. With the application withdrawal, the report is not complete, but fascinating none the less.

There are many on NDACT’s mailing list who are fighting their own issues.

Please spend some time reading the document, not only to learn about the facts here, but to learn how “Consulting” Companies interpret their own data in ways to please the ‘applicant’, with little regard for ‘doing the right thing’.

And, we all can learn out of it what questions to ask when other applications surface, if you just read between the lines of this scathing review.

How petty can things become.

Many of you will remember the Highland Companies billboard on the Laverty barn on County Road 124.


John Scherer

John Scherer, the smallish man who was on the “Agenda” representing the Highland Companies, offered the billboard to NDACT at a “substantial savings from what we paid for it”, but when we were not prepared to engage in that conversation he had it taken down.

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