Top Chefs, Local Farmers and Activists Rally for Soupstock

Over 150 of Canada’s best chefs will create their own Soupstock recipes that celebrate the Melancthon region’s rich agricultural history.

Soupstock is free to attend and tickets will be available to purchase the food presented by participating chefs and restaurants.

Attendees are encouraged to bring their own bowls and utensils to cut down on waste.


By Heather Loney, Global News, Tuesday October 2, 2012

Former world leaders, including Chretien, sound alarm on water crisis

chretienOTTAWA -- A prestigious group of former world leaders and experts is sounding the alarm about a water crisis that threatens peace, political stability and economic development around the globe.

The InterAction Council has issued a new report warning that the future impact of water scarcity could be devastating.

By The Canadian Press
Posted on the CTV News Website
September 10, 2012

CTV News at Highlands Presentation to Melancthon Council, Feb. 2, 2012

The Highland Companies had a delegation at the Melancthon Township Couincil Meeting to present their 45 minute Power Point presenation.

Since filming and audio taping of the Melancthon Council meetings are not allowed, CTV News Barrie staff interviewed Melancthon Mayor Bill Hill and attempted to interview The Highland Companies as they were leaving.

To view the CTV News at 6 Webcast, go to:,-2012-ctvnews-at-6-webcast

and advance to 4.52 minutes.

Podcast of TVO-Local Food & the Mega Quarry-Thursday October 27, 2011

If you missed it, watch the podcast!

TVO - The Agenda - with Steve Paikin

Aired Thursday October 27, 2011


Opposition is growing to a proposed mega quarry in Ontario's Melancthon Township. Among the opponents, chef Michael Stadtlander, and NDACT Vice Chair Carl Cosack, who say the quarry will destroy some of the best farmland in the province. The Agenda examines the mega quarry controversy.

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Quarry on Ontario Farmland was the Plan, Firm Says

The following link is to both a word and video version.

CBC News,  Monday October 10, 2011

Story by Jeannie Stiglic