Blog entries on the Council of Canadians website

Blog entries on the Council of Canadians website

Carl Cosack's presentation to Council of Canadians

Carl Cosack speaks to the Guelph Chapter of the Council of Canadians, July 8, 2011

Mining for the Truth in Melancthon

Minebuster - "Tongue in Cheek Political Blog"

Seth Klarman Buys Land Worth $120 Billion for $80 Million!

They are speaking about Beaupost's, Highland Companies buying Melancthon Township Farmland of course....

Baupost Group, a $14 billion, Boston-based hedge fund, headed by investment guru Seth Klarman. In partnership with Baupost, Lowndes founded Highland in 2006 to develop resources in Melancthon Township. Late that year, after extensive research, Lowndes approached a number of landowners, offering them $8,000 an acre, 30 per cent or so above market value. Lowndes hoped, he says modestly, to get 1,500 acres to run a profitable potato operation.