Margaret Atwood Issued a Challenge

In support of our Food & Water First partners in Midhurst, we are spreading the news:

Margaret Atwood has issued a simple challenge:

Spread the word, get 5000 signatures on their petition and she will visit all they are to protect AND host a fundraiser in their nearby high school.

This is a GREAT opportunity for Midhurst, Springwater and the Minesing Wetlands to garner well-deserved recognition for their beauty and charm.  But, they can't do it without you.  Their petition sits roughly at 2000 people and has grown by roughly 150 per day since Ms. Atwood's involvement. They still need 3000 more signatures!

From their petition:

The Midhurst Secondar Plan proposes to turn a small, rural community of 3,500 people into a small city of almost 30,000! At stake are the local farms on rime agricultural land that will be sacrificed for development land (up to almost 1,900 acres).

Moreover, the health of a small local creek and the nearby, internationally significant Minesing Wetlands are threatened by 10.6 million litres of effluent that will be pumped in daily from the proposed sewage treatment facility. These wetlands contain fragile ecosystems and in some parts, rare or sensitive species of flora and fauna.  Based on what we stand to lose or destroy, failure to stop this massive over-development is NOT an option.


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Please sign and share the petition.