GPS Tour


Summer is here so hit the road and head for the Hills of Headwaters! 


NDACT invites you to take the “Food & Water First” GPS Tour of North Dufferin County.  Visit the beautiful Roof of Ontario which is home to the province’s best farmland, along with river valleys, rolling hills and dense woodlands. It is also the site of the recent battle to stop the Highland Mega Quarry.  Trace the footprint of the 2,300-acre quarry and see the rare vegetable land that was saved.  The GPS Tour can take as little as 2 hours or as long as you want.  Spring, summer, fall and winter – every time you take the tour, you’ll discover something new!


•   swim / hike

•   sample local cuisine

•   stay at a country B&B    

•   enjoy historic villages and sites

Download the map and GPS coordinates, along with our fun scavenger hunt at this link:

Load up the car with family and friends. 

Let your adventure begin! 

Please remember to respect private property.


Leave only footprints. Take only memories.