• Proposed Melancthon Quarry verses Guelph & Toronto - Size Comparison


  • Canadian Environmental Assessment Act - Call to Action

    Habitat Protection and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act

    Harper Government to Eliminate Habitat Protection Provisions in the Canada Fisheries Act.

    To date the Harper government has shown little regard for the protection of the environment and over the past few years has supervised the almost total elimination of enforcement of the habitat protection and the pollution provisions of the Canada Fisheries Act (Sections 35 and 36 respectively).

    During the Cohen Inquiry in 2011 data was presented to show that pollution and habitat violation investigations have been greatly reduced and convictions of violations in BC and indeed throughout Canada is now almost non-existent.

    The Fisheries Act of Canada was put in place in 1868 and is one of the oldest and most tested pieces of environmental legislation in the world. In 1975 many people worked hard to get a proper section added to the Act to protect fish habitat in Canada.

    Section 35 (habitat protection) was passed by Parliament in 1976 and has been extensively used across Canada over the past 36 years. In B.C., the Federal and BC governments largely quit enforcing the pollution and habitat sections of the Act in favor of allowing industry to self govern their own environmental project’s ‘needs’ and monitor their own self compliance. This has proven to be a disaster wherever it has been attempted elsewhere in the World.


    Click here to view the Important Form Letter Against Dismantling of The CEAA.

  • Waterstock - June 11, 2017

    Wellington Water Watchers and Riverfest Elora



    You are invited to Waterstock at the Erin Fall Fairgrounds, to join together as a community and ask Premier Kathleen Wynne to Say No to Nestlé.

    Wellington County is currently on the front line of the movement to Say No to Nestlé.

    Come to Waterstock and help stop Nestle’s insatiable demand for more and more water around the planet. 

    Wellington Water Watchers together with Riverfest Elora are preparing for thousands

    to attend this event, which will feature celebrity chefs, musicians, artists, local wineries and breweries.

    Waterstock will be an empowering celebration.

    Join them at Waterstock and help make it a watershed moment in the movement to protect Ontario’s water.


  • Week of March 19, 2012 - Call to Action

    Weekly Call to Action – March 19, 2012

    Welcome to our Weekly Call to Action. 


    Our goals for this focused action campaign are:


    1. To attract attention through quantity as well as content
    2. To keep the proposed mega quarry on the “front burner”
    3. To keep the quarry licence application process open and transparent by interacting with various levels of government on an ongoing basis.


    If you have any suggestions or questions regarding the strategy of this campaign, contact



    ACTION:  Contact the Prime Minister, the Minister of Natural Resources, the Minister of the Environment and your MP and demand that Canada  strengthen environmental law rather than weaken it.

    The Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA) is one of the most important pieces of environmental legislation in Canada

    .  Today it is under attack by corporate lobbyists and the federal government who want to "streamline" regulations to better facilitate business opportunities.   

    “The Conservative government is systematically dismantling environmental protection and regulation,” said NDP fisheries critic Fin Donnelly. “By eliminating provisions to protect fish habitat, they can push through their agenda of pipelines, oil super tankers, mega mines and other projects that harm the environment.”

    Template e-mail

    Responses received to date:

    Elizabeth May, NDP

  • Wellington Water Watchers Fundraiser & Party - April 5, 2017

    Waterstock plans take shape as Ontario clamps down on water bottlers


    Fundraiser and Announce Party

    Date: April 5, 2107

    Time: 7 - 9 PM

    Where: Gladstone Hotel, 1214 Queen St. W., Toronto

    Join them at the Gladstone Hotel  to support Wellington Water Watchers "Say No to Nestlé campaign and for the Toronto launch and official announcement of Waterstock - Water For Life, Not Profit - a joint presentation with Riverfest Elora


    With special performances by Caroline Brooks of the Good Lovelies with Ben Whiteley, and Molly Johnson. As well as a special reading from the play "Devine".

    Admission $20. 7-9pm (Doors open 6:30). Cash bar. Snacks provided.


  • Call to Action - Comments on Melancthon's Official Plan by March 29, 2012

    Township of Melancthon, Official Plan Review

    NDACT  - Call to Action 

    Melancthon taxpayers

    Call to Action  - We need your help and participation with the Review of the Melancthon Official Plan.  Please support us and consider your future

    The proposed new Township of Melancthon Official Plan has been prepared and you have until March 29th to submit written comments to affect change.  Even if you cannot make a submission by this date please let the Township know what you think as soon as you can.

  • Lyme Disease Awareness Presentation - April 1, 2017


    On April 1, 2017 the environment committee of MC2 will be sponsoring a free presentation on Lyme Disease.

    It will be held at Monora Park Pavilion in the Banquet Hall.

      Doors open at 9 AM
     Presentations: 9:30 AM - Noon  


    There will be displays, handouts (on identification, removal of ticks, the course of Lyme disease etc.) and free refreshments.

    This is an important issue that concerns all of us.  As the climate continues to change, the number of infected ticks is increasing in Ontario and our region.  The consequences of undiagnosed Lyme disease can be disabling for decades and at times can result in an early death.

    Full details.

  • Call to Action - March 2012 - When will Review Begin

    When Will the Review of the Provincial Aggregate Resources Act Begin?

    It has been six months since the Ontario Government committed to undertake a serious review of the Provincial Aggregate Resources Act.  This promise was greeted enthusiastically by Ontarians who recognized some time ago that the Act was severely dated and required a comprehensive overhaul.  For many Ontarians, the Highland Companies application for a 2,300 acre below-the-water table mega quarry on prime agricultural land in the Hills of the Headwaters in Dufferin County readily exposed a variety of very serious flaws in that old legislation.


    We call on the Minister to make his intentions known and announce the start of this very important review.


    You can reach Ontario Natural Resources Minister Michael Gravelle at: or or fax at: 416-325-5316 full list of contact information

     sample letter in PDF form

    sample letter in word format

    It is best to write a letter and sign your name, and include your address. Emails to government agencies are not always as effective.

    You may also call his constituency office at 1-888-516-5555.

  • Update on Feb. 2013 ARA Call to Action

    In a February 2013 Call to Action, we asked supporters to contact their MPP’s to press them for a Food and Water First Policy.   Supporters were also asked to request that the government to reconstitute the Standing Committee on General Government as soon as possible so the review of the ARA will proceed as well as asking the government to ensure the updated PPS reflects the concerns raised by agricultural stakeholders and the general public.


    The Ministry of the Environment replied and included this comment:

    "I understand that the Standing Committee on General Government has been re-established, although at this time it is not known whether the Standing Committee will resume its review of the Aggregate Resources Act." 


    News that the Standing Committee has been reconstituted is a surprise, as is the statement that it's not known whether the Committee will resume the review of the ARA. It was because of the mega quarry fight that the ARA review was launched. We asked for an open and comprehensive study of the outdated legislation, and the government ordered the review in the fall of 2011. Hearings were held last spring and strong presentations were made by agricultural groups and farmers who argued that prime farmland and source water regions should be exempted from aggregate operations. It would be unacceptable if the review of the ARA were shelved.


    We are contacting the Natural Resources Minister, David Orazietti, for clarification. Stay tuned!


  • 2016 Ontario Farmland Forum - April 8

    farmland-forum-2016 0002-227x300

    Date: Friday, April 8, 2016
    Time: 10 AM - 6 PM
    Place: Bingemans Conference Centre, Kitchener
    Cost: $110 early-bird rate by March 25th;
    $90 for OFA,CFFO,NFU members; $60 students
    includes lunch

    Full details.

    To reserve your seat go to:

    or call 519-824-4120 ext. 52654 or email