• Melancthon's Proposed Official Plan - NDACT's Position

    In our call to action, we asked people to submit their comments about the proposal for Melancthon's Official Plan, to the Township. Thank you to all that took the time to do so. It is greatly appreciated.

    Our position is stated in the letter by Planscape, NDACT's Planner. Click here to view letter.

    To view the original "call to action" with details and a link to Melancthon's proposal, click here.

  • Coordinated Land-use review: Your support is key

    As you know there is a coordinated land-use review underway until the end of May. NDACT was invited to a stakeholders’ meeting earlier in the process. We feel that it would be an important supplemental action to send a formal letter outlining our recommendations for this review. As well, this allows our supporters to better understand our position, and give you an opportunity to stand with us.

    Please scroll down and see the letter for details.

    Full details of review.

    The Mega Quarry campaign demonstrated that there are many in Ontario who are concerned about the future of our land and water ,and that many voices together can evoke meaningful change. This is a key opportunity to work together.

    Many thanks for your support.

    Shirley Boxem  Chair NDACT

    a healthy food future is possible


  • Call to Action - ARA Review Next Round




       The Standing Committee on General Government has wrapped up two weeks of public hearings on traffic congestion and auto insurance. While the fate of the review of the Aggregate Resources Act is still uncertain, we understand the sub-committee will be discussing it in the coming days. We also understand the three House Leaders must give the green light for the ARA review to be completed and a final report issued. 

      Below are the e-mail addresses of the three House Leaders and sub-committee members. There's also a brief sample letter. As always, we encourage you to add your own thoughts to ensure the MPPs are not receiving form letters.


    Sub-Committee members


    Bas Balkissoon, Chairman

    Mike Colle, Liberal MPP  

    Rosario Marchese, NDP MPP

    Laurie Scott, PC MPP     


    House Leaders


    Liberal     John Milloy

    PC           Jim Wilson

    NDP        Gilles Bisson 



    To the House Leaders and members of the sub-committee of the Standing Committee on General Government:


     Now that the Standing Committee on General Government has finished its hearings into traffic congestion and auto insurance, I am asking the House Leaders and Committee members to complete the job of reviewing the Aggregate Resources Act. As you are aware, the review of the ARA was ordered by the government in September 2011 because of the controversy over the proposed Highland mega quarry. It would have destroyed a swath of prime farmland and impacted the headwaters of five river systems in perpetuity. A review of the outdated ARA was a wise decision.


      One year ago, representatives from the aggregate industry and agricultural sector participated in the Committee's public hearings. Farmers, members of agricultural organizations and other concerned Ontarians did their duty as engaged citizens. They called for the protection of the province's prime farmland and source water regions. Their hard work and well-researched suggestions must be respected. The rare agricultural soil and water resources that sustain us and our economy cannot wait any longer. It's time to complete the ARA review and make the necessary revisions to the legislation.



     Yours sincerely,










  • Public Input Needed - Review for Growth Plan and Greenbelt

    Ontario Co-ordinated Review for Growth Plan and Greenbelt

    Deadline for comments: May 28, 2015

    Four Ontario Growth Plans are under review.

    These plans include:The Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe, The Greenbelt Plan, The Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan and the Niagara Escarpment Plan

    Documents are found at:


    Schedule of Town Hall Meetings to get more information.


    Our prime objectives: 

    • Class 1 farmland be preserved and not rezoned
    • Moratorium on rezoning of Class 1 farmland be put in place
    • Our source waters be protected

    Have your say

    Sample letter.

    There are several ways to participate:

    • Email a submission to
    • Write to :
      Land Use Planning Review
      Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
      Ontario Growth Secretariat
      777 Bay Street, Suite 425 (4th Floor)
      Toronto, ON M5G 2E5


    Deadline for comments: May 28, 2015

    If you have any questions regarding how to participate in the review, please call 1-800-665-1120 or email

  • Call to Action - Resume Review of ARA

    It's been nearly a year since public hearings were held into the Aggregate Resources Act. Excellent, thoughtful presentations were made by agricultural stakeholders and mega quarry opponents. The hearings were packed and change was in the air. But, we've learned the Standing Committee on General Government now wants to focus on traffic congestion and auto insurance. Any further delay in reviewing the ARA means a further delay in revising the legislation. Our prime farmland and source water regions remain at risk! 


    Below is a template letter addressed to the Committee urging its members to finish the job. The e-mail addresses of the Committee MPPs and Chairman are also provided.


    Please add your own thoughts/experience/expertise to the letter. Let us know what responses you receive, if any! 

     Write to:

     Bas Balkissoon, Chairman

    Donna Cansfield      

    Rick Bartolucci         

    Sarah Campbell       

    Mike Colle                

    Rosario Marchese    

    Laurie Scott              

    Todd Smith               

    Jeff Yurek                  



    To the members of the Standing Committee on General Government: 

       I am writing to urge you to resume the review of the Aggregate Resources Act. This important process was ordered by the government in the fall of 2011 in response to the proposed Highland mega quarry. The application for the largest quarry in Canadian history on the best farmland in Ontario and at the headwaters of five river systems, exposed the many flaws in the outdated ARA. Public hearings were held last spring, yet the job is far from done.

      I understand that the Committee is now focusing on auto insurance and traffic congestion. While these are worthy matters to study, the review of the ARA has not yet been completed. Why would the Committee head off in a new direction when there is vital work to be done on the ARA?

     As you'll recall, the Committee heard from an array of presenters last spring, including many agricultural stakeholders. Several of those who made submissions were individuals who had never before participated in public hearings. They spent a great amount of time researching and writing their presentations. Their speeches outlined the value of agriculture to Ontario, its importance to our economic health and the well-being of our fellow citizens. All of the agricultural stakeholders stressed that prime farmland is at risk under the ARA. Indeed, at the end of the Toronto hearings, a member of the Committee stated "Clearly, there's an urgency to protect prime farmland."

      It is critical that the review of the ARA be completed. Those who participated in the process deserve to have their submissions respected and also reflected in a final report. I urge the Committee to continue its work on the ARA. The interests of a growing number of Ontarians will not be served if the ARA review is further delayed or shelved.


    Yours sincerely,


  • International Plowing Match - Sep. 20-24, 2016

    Drop in and visit us the Plowing Match!

    Click on the image for full details.


  • To Sprawl or Not to Sprawl. Saving Ontario's Greenbelt - Apr. 27, 2016

    Food & Water First’s Carl Cosack – a veteran of the Stop the Mega Quarry movement – will speak at a special gathering in Toronto on April 27th: “To Sprawl or Not To Sprawl. Saving Ontario’s Greenbelt.”

    This information session will encourage Torontonians to get involved in the campaign to strengthen and expand the Greenbelt as its farmland, water and forests face pressure from developers. Carl joins speakers from Environmental Defence, Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust and Ontario Nature.

    The event is FREE. Click to register.

    Date: Wednesday, April 27

    Time: 7pm-9pm

    Place: St. Colomba Church, 2723 St. Clair Avenue East, Toronto

  • Restoring and Protecting Our Soil - Apr. 30, 2016

    Our Partner MC2 Presents....


  • ARA Review to Resume

    Thank you!


    It took several weeks and many, many e-mails, but we did it! The review of the outdated Aggregate Resources Act will be completed by the Standing Committee on General Government! We received word yesterday afternoon (April 25, 2013), that the Liberals had introduced a motion in the House to resume the ARA review. The House voted unanimously in favour of the motion and so the Committee is now authorized to finish the job that began one year ago. The Committee members will meet Monday to discuss their schedule and the writing of the final report. 


      If not for the mega quarry fight, a review of the ARA would not have been ordered by the province. If not for all of you, your tenacity and keyboards, and the hard work of MPP’s from all parties, the ARA review may not have been completed.

    People Power works! Thank you!

    More details will follow!

  • Pegram Barn Fest - June 14, 2015

    Pegram Picnics Presents


    All proceeds go to Food & Water First.

    Join them for a fun day in the country and celebrate with farmers, artisans and artists, musicians, food producers and food lovers.

    Date: Sunday June 14, 2015

    Time: 11 AM - 4 PM

    Where: Pegram Farms, Mulmur ON

    Tickets: Adults $15.00, Children $8.00, Family $40.00

    Purchase Tickets.

    Full details.